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About Us

The company ResinPlast Service , with its headquarters in Capoterra City, was formed in 2004 and is at work in construction, installation and maintenance of plants both civil and industrial, with plastic tubing, fiberglass, PVC, PVCC, P. P. , HDPE, PVDF, PRFV.

The shareholder Uccheddu, after more than thirty years of work as an employee in the field of reference, but mainly as a result of the great professionalism and expertise within two important companies in the territory (OLMP of Capoterra City and Cosmetal Sarroch City), decides, to start a company activity taking place, initially, maintenance highly specialised in industrial plants and civil, in particular, the company began its activities by carrying out welding work certified manufacturing, assembly and installation of special pipes.

The company, within a couple of years, he manages to win and to maintain the loyalty of discreet customer service and, as a result of a growing demand from the market of its own reference, begins to provide ad hoc products and components and for other maintenance companies, both for companies with production facilities which, by their staff, they provide their own installation of the product manufactured.

The company realizes, with professionalism and high competence, specific products, such as PVC containers for the washing of ferrous materials, fume hoods for fumes and industrial pipes can withstand fluid substances to high acidity.

We also specialize in creating pieces in any plastic material and fiberglass welded with torch a diode, welded plate head to head or pocket and by extrusion, the types of welding mentioned above are certified.

ResinPlast Service Company owns all the equipment and the necessary means to follow and with professionalism work orders, and provided, in fact, with a workshop of 300 square metre with large square site Capoterra City - Via Teulada.

Organizational Structure

From an organizational point of view, the shareholder Spina, follows all aspects of the administration of the society, including relationships with suppliers, customers and banks, while the member Uccheddu follows in first person the aspects linked to the production process.

The activity is performed using, not only of the work of the members, but also specialised workers employed full-time, permanent and two apprentices.

Future prospects

The company is looking for new partners and markets, this perspective has joined the Consortium WGC s.c.a.r. l con sede in via Lanusei No. 7 in Quartu Sant'Elena City (Sardinia Island) Italy, which consists of some twenty companies with different specializations, for work in Algeria.

It is also proposed for supplies of goods and services to individuals and companies in particular plant maintenance services such as swimming pools, industrial plants, maintenance of public facilities such as hospitals, schools, gyms, sporting areas.